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Alternative Titles
初恋白書 ; First Love Stories ; White Paper on First Love ; Puting Papel sa Unang Pag-ibig (Tagalog)
Synopsis Hatsukoi Hakusho
Hatsukoi Hakusho [I used to like you.] That was what was left in my yearbook, but what does that mean --? Two years have passed since graduation and Utsumi and Matsuri meet again during a middle school reunion. Utsumi, who dyed his hair back to his original color, seems different than before. Was if because of Matsuri's nagging that he changed? Even so, Matsuri realizes that her feelings towards him haven't changed. But she soon learns that the one who actually changed him was a girl named Sayaka, Are first loves sweet poisons? From JShoujo Scans: 1. Natsuiro Memorial (A Summer-Colored Memorial) First love is a sweet poison. A painful, but unforgettable love. Two years have passed since the graduation day and they meet again during a high school reunion. His appearance has changed, but...? 2. Kimi to Watashi no Kakaomoi (Our One-Sided Love) 3. Suki yori mo Kirai (Hate Over Love) 4. Yuki ni Negai (w)o (Wish Upon the Snow) 5. Shuushoku Memorial (A Fall-Colored Memorial)
Yoshinaga Yuu
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024