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Batch PNG to JPG


Batch PNG to JPG 1.51 is a handy png to jpg converter. For you who need to do a batch image conversion from png picture to jpg image. It will flatten multilayer png and for multi frame png it will convert the first frame only. Simply add folders containing png files or manually select multiple png, set the output folder where you want the jpg images stored then set the jpg quality according to your preference , finally Convert!

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Convert png to jpg

Make a list by adding png from a folder at once, single or multiple png located in different folders or just drag selected png from the Windows Explorer. Rearrange the list sort order as you wish, set the output folder and the jpg compression then you ready to do a batch convert png to jpg.

PNG  Preview

While working with the list you can do an instant preview of the selected png by doubleclick or select preview in context menu.

Batch Resize

Beside batch conversion, this program also allow you to do a batch resize of the converted images. You can resize by percentage or custom pixels width or height.

Batch Rename

You have many options in batch rename the output jpg images, autonumbering with prefix and suffix, change the filename into lowercase or UPPERCASE and replacing spaces with - or _. If the list made of png from different folders it is possible to group the output images in a different sub-folder.

Version : 1.51   Downloads : 29613   Download Size : 1.37 MB   Price : Free
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